Do you ever feel guilty or selfish for acknowledging your trauma or feeling bad for yourself?


Decomposing Relationship


You say you would like to change, but you don’t really try and you lie.

I had high hopes. I thought despite all, deep inside, you cared about me. But now I know you are very self-centered and very selfish. You don’t care about me, even though I tried to help you every way I can. This flashing reality stings.

Now that you have what you want and are nonchalant towards me, I silently bid adieu to you old friend. And I slowly try to release the pain of an abandoned heart.

I’ve started to hate you, for all you put me through, for playing with my naivety and trust. You seemed like a player from the start, but little did I know how enraging your game would be.

You’ve hurt me more than anybody has in a long time — not once, but repeatedly, even after I voiced my concerns.

You say you try but it’s hard to change. I guess that means this is the end?

I have to see you every day, give a cordial smile, and keep up a straight face. Inside, I sometimes wish you would burn.

Sometimes I think I am overreacting. Maybe you aren’t fully aware of how your personality flaws affect me. But I clearly remember telling you time and time again to just stop. And I also clearly remember you not having the most basic level of compassion when I was in pain and crying.

I hope I remember this clearly down the line, years from now, when your name might suddenly pop on Facebook, and I would wonder what happened to that.