The Ebbs and (Occasional) Flows



I am in pain. Could be worse though.


I feel like over the past months you have gradually been making me feel helpless, like a puppet who is doomed to lie at the corner of disaster.


I got diagnosed for chronic depression. It’s a mixed sense of hope, relief, and worry.


I go to you for a piece of solace


Walking over puddles

Carefully, one by one

Wishing I could fly through

On a dark rainy day

That’s what I hope for

As she walked further into the realms of reality, she understood how pretentious it is

And when you try to rise above, you realize the feet are tied to shackles that have being rusting for years

Confined in Uncertainty

What happens when you believe you can?


I can’t take this anymore. I need therapy.

There’s a bully in my head,

Who won’t leave me to rest,

Or let me think about anything nice.

It stays there all the time uninvited,

Telling me how anything I do doesn’t cut it.

How do I stand up to the devil in me?


Get off the proverbial treadmill, and take a walk

Some days I feel like I am making significant progress, and some days I want to die.


Is this what depression feels like?


I feel like a prisoner wanting to find a way out

I feel like a light pole on a crowded street

It’s nauseating at times

Overwhelming mostly

The weight of the world seems to have dug me under the ground

And the truth scars me every night

Is this what depression feels like?