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  1. Sophie

    It took me a long time to accept what happened to me and be able to move forward. I guess that’s because everyone just assumed I was ok so I acted like I was

    • Thank you for sharing, Sophie. How did you accomplish that? I feel like I’m still ignoring things because outside the medical community anyone who hears about a fraction of what I went through/ going through makes me feel as if I’m weak or blowing things out of proportion. (P.S. I love your name! Always admired it because of its meaning 🙂 )

      • Sophie

        To be honest it was therapy that helped me. We talked through all my trauma and she reassured me that it’s ok to feel however you feel because that’s your experience.

        Once I accepted that it was much easier to see the impact the trauma has had. I don’t care what anyone else thinks now, because no one has had the exact same trauma as me, and they haven’t processed it how I have.

        Trauma is very personal, and we are allowed to process it and move forward in our own way ❤

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