Reminders from Days Past



When I was a teenager, I tried to make sense of life by (sporadically) writing down patterns I observed and lessons I learnt.

That habit gave me some sort of assurance. I hoped that if I’m ever in any dilemma (in the future), I can simply look into my ‘compilation of wisdom’ and fly away from the worries.

Time passed and incidents happened, but unfortunately I never really remembered to look back at those pages.

This post is an active attempt to honour that hope I built, and to revisit the world from a pair of less-jaded eyes.


  • Your self-worth should not be measured by how much attention you are getting, but by how you measure up to your values

  • The ignorant and the intelligent can be found everywhere – so don’t stereotype
  • When a person has too much of something, they need someone to manage it
  • Systems are there to add a sense of direction in life, and to diminish the feelings of being lost and confused. Systems, no matter how tried-and-tested, should not control your life.
  • Without the uncertainty and possibilities of the future, you may be stuck in a path you don’t fancy
  • People modify themselves to be accepted in society. These changes are not very useful if it is to please people who do not like the ‘genuine you’. Why would you want to spend your time with those people? Do they make you happy? Or just more conscious about yourself? Or do you just want to fit in because those people are ‘accessories’ to achieving your goal? What will happen when you achieve that goal?
  • Social hierarchy is important as we need a leader. Some people are not able to handle responsibilities and stress well. Everyone has different capacities. By rewarding certain professions, we are not demeaning others. We are just rewarding them for taking that extra risk and making that extra effort.
  • People bring happiness, not products. Generally.
  • When something hurts, try to move away from it (at least momentarily)
  • Write as though someone’s listening
  • Sometimes we have to do things even if we don’t like it. We have to do these things for greater good, better future, final success..
  • Make today a bit better for someone =)

4 thoughts on “Reminders from Days Past

  1. I must say, it is. Decomposing Relationship, the Ebbs and (occasional) flows, and several points from this post.
    I’ve written something similar to this, a compilation of points, and was going to publish it in some time. Some of the points are overlapping here.

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