Why is starting over so hard?


They say failure is a stepping stone towards success.

But why does the air of hesitation loom when one thinks of the step after failure? Why is starting over so nerve-wrecking and complicated?


Searched for answers online, and this is what I came across:

Nice music, but it doesn’t completely answer my question.

Getting closure before moving on to the next step is definitely a way to get rid of hesitation. But there must be more?


To find more answers, let’s focus on why there is a hesitation in the first place?

Maybe it is difficult to move on because one hasn’t completely absorbed the idea of failure. Failure can be depressing and defeating. To get out of that mode, one would need good constructive feedback on what happened, why it happened, and how to make sure it doesn’t happen again (closure?). Reminding oneself of the potential success of achieving the final goal can also help.


What else?


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