We are building a “memorial”


Talking about the trauma is not enough: trauma survivors need to take some action that symbolizes triumph over helplessness and despair.

The Holocaust Memorial Yad Vashem in Jerusalem and the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, DC, are good examples of symbols for survivors to mourn the dead and establish the historical and cultural meaning of the traumatic events. Most of all, they serve to remind survivors of the ongoing potential for communality and sharing.

This also applies to other survivors who may have to build less visible memorials and common symbols around which they can gather to mourn and express their shame about their own vulnerability. This may take the form of writing a book, taking political action, helping other victims, or any of the myriad of creative solutions that human beings can find to defy even the most desperate plight.”

From: http://www.trauma-pages.com/a/vanderk.php


Do you ever feel guilty or selfish for acknowledging your trauma or feeling bad for yourself?



When most of your life things suddenly leaped up on you and took you down, how can you continue to walk ahead without constantly looking around in fear of the next attack?

You can try to remind yourself of all the coping techniques you have learnt about. Everything is not all bad, it’s about perspective, you’re stronger than before etc – you know the drill.

But despite all those well-intentioned teachings, deep down you still feel the same. Nothing erases that primal fear that has been deepening within you since an early age.

Going on


Today I feel extreme awe for those who continue to go on. Those who continue to fight, move ahead, and even thrive despite all the frustrations that is thrown at them. Sometimes it gets really hard and your body just wants to give up, but somehow you are still here. And for that, you deserve accolades.