Life is a Game


Random note that I wrote to myself once:

Life is a game. And you have limited time.

The best way to excel is to just focus on playing the game effectively.

Don’t stress. But think, plan, perceive, stay calm, act, and just play.

Certain times situations will get tough. And to get by, you will really need to ‘keep your head in the game’ and focus.

And when things get smooth, proceed with high velocity and go as far ahead as you can. This way when failure tries to attack you, it will take a long time to catch up with your greatness.

As for competitors, don’t compare victories. You are racing against yourself.

And most importantly, remember to have fun. And feel good always. If there is no fun, challenge, and achievement in the game, then it’s probably not worth playing.

Comfort & Orangutans


Have you ever seen an orangutan eating an orange?

I haven’t.

So I thought of Googling.

This is what I found.

Intriguing (I guess). Curiosity (sort of) ends here.

Also found this.

Cute :3
And soulful too, considering tigers are the main predators of orangutans.

Sometimes our lives get twisted in such ways, that we end up finding comfort in the most unexpected places.

Regaining Confidence



There was a time when I wondered why there are so many motivational workshops and articles. Why can’t people be confident themselves? Why do we need someone else’s help in realising our personality and capabilities? Shouldn’t we know ourselves better than anyone else?

…  …  …

Over time, I realised that the inborn sense of assurance is not prevalent amongst everyone. In fact, it is rare to always find that comprehensive self-confidence amongst adults given the bucket full of disasters people tend to generally experience in life.

Some people may have high intrapersonal skills and may be in control of every detail related to their personal minds. It could come naturally to them. Certain events, though, may adversely change the way they look at life and themselves. And in those cases, the natural self-confidence fades away.

…  …  …

Everyone definitely needs a boost of confidence, assurance and hope once in a while. Now I know. Receiving words of support from others help us in recovering.

…  …  …

But to complete the recovery, we need more than encouragement. We need action. And we need to take that action ourselves.

So although it is great to have help from others to realise our capabilities, we are the ones who need to spring forward to comprehend and utilise those capabilities.

…  …  …

And once we do that, we truly regain confidence in our abilities, principles and life path.



Impressive Lines from “The Blue Sweater”


I am half-way through Jacqueline Novogratz’ book “The Blue Sweater”.

Full of captivating and poignant stories.

Here are a few lines, from the book, that have created a strong impression on me.

“Sometimes you have to be a fool, or else your heart can turn to stone.” [Chapter 4]

“..if you move through the world with both intellect and compassion, then you have wisdom.” [Chapter 8]

“If you want to remain happy and alive in this work, you need to reconcile this part of who you are and understand the inconsistencies with the work you do and how it all fits into your whole way of being.” [Chapter 7]